⇒ Pack “Adrenalin Surf Lessons”

From 390€

The “Adrenalin Surf Lessons” Pack is intended primarily for beginners and intermediates.

During your stay, a surf instructor will teach you how to slide on the water in the ‘moss’ and then get up on your board.

For the more advanced, you will continue your learning by taking ‘Green Waves’ left and right.

At the end of your stay, you will only have one desire; return !

⇒ Pack “Adrenalin Surf Guiding”

From 300€

The Pack “Adrenalin Surf Guiding” is for people who are already autonomous in the water.

You will go in the company of one of our surf guide, direction spots adapted to your level.

After some explanation of the spot, you will throw yourself in the water to enjoy the beautiful wave conditions that we offer our beautiful Moroccan coast.

At the end of your stay you will have only one desire; come back to surf our beautiful Moroccan waves!

The equipment is not included in this Pack, it is possible to rent it at an extra charge (see prices below).

⇒ Pack “Adrenalin Surf & Yoga”

From 430€

The Pack “Adrenalin Surf & Yoga” is for people who want to combine discovery surfing and relaxation with yoga classes done by a professional.

Depending on the organization, before or after your surfing day you will relax and enjoy a yoga class suitable for all levels.

For a week of 7 nights, the Pack contains 6 yoga classes.

It is possible to take yoga classes extra.

At the end of your stay, you will only have one desire; come back to make a posture of the tree or let you slide on your surfboard with ease …

⇒ Pack “Adrenalin Surf Coaching”

From 390€

The Adrenalin Surf Coaching Pack is for intermediate and advanced surfers who want to improve their surfing.

During the morning surf session a surf instructor will watch you and you will be filmed. He will give you technical advice to perfect your maneuvers, your style and many others.

The afternoon session will be more focused Free-surfing.

You will enjoy beautiful wave conditions of the Moroccan coast.

At the end of your stay you will have only one desire; return to surf and improve with us!

The material is not included in this Pack, it is possible to rent it in supplement (see prices below).

In the packs it is included :

(By color: Blue = Adrenalin Surf Lessons, Orange = Adrenalin Surf Guiding, Green = Adrenalin Surf & Yoga and Purple = Adrenalin Surf Coaching)

✓ Transfers from / to Agadir bus station (+ € 30 / journey from Agadir airport)

Accommodation in a shared room (2 to 4 people) (+ 10 € / night for a private room)

✓ 3 meals a day. Breakfast buffet, lunch on the beach (salads, sandwiches, …) and dinner at the riad (tajine, barbecue, …)

Daily transfers to surf spots / beaches

✓ Visit the souk of Agadir


Surf equipment in excellent condition and adapted to each level

Daily surf lessons

Yoga classes

Video coaching

Price List

For ‘Surf Guiding’ and ‘Surf Coaching’ packs the material is not included. We offer a special “Guiding” and “Coaching” formula for renting at 80 € / week (wetsuit and / or surfboard).

If the weather / surf conditions are not good, activities will be offered.

We offer special rates for groups, schools and businesses, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote.

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25 € / person

Excursion to the day, 1 hour drive.

Beautiful oasis surrounded by palm trees, after a short walk, you enjoy the crystal clear water to soak your feet, where to jump from a rock.


  • ⇒ Departure from the riad between 9h and 9h30
  • ⇒ Option: Visit the Argan cooperative
  • ⇒ Discovery of the Paradise Valley
  • ⇒ Tasting of a delicious tagine overlooking the palm grove
  • ⇒ Back in the afternoon



  • ⇒ Swimsuit
  • ⇒ Towel
  • ⇒ Sunscreen
  • ⇒ Baskets


15 € / person

Excursion 3 / 4h, 1 hour drive

An extraordinary panoramic view of the ocean, the small desert is ideal for an unforgettable sunset!

Program :     

  • ⇒ After a day of surfing, departure depending on the time of the sunset     
  • ⇒ Photos in the desert   
  • ⇒ Walk in the dunes   
  • ⇒ Back after the sunset


Provide :     

  • ⇒ Sunscreen     
  • ⇒ Jacket
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30 € / person

Day trip, 1h30 drive

Small authentic village, sinners and surfers share the place. You can enjoy the surf spot of the bay, a long line that runs for more than a kilometer or the surf spot of the Cathedral, which offers beautiful left and right.

Program :

  • ⇒ Departure from the riad at 9am     
  • ⇒ Arrival in Imesouane between 10h30 and 11h     
  • ⇒ Surf     
  • ⇒ Picnic     
  • ⇒ Back in the late afternoon    
  • ⇒ Option: Sunset in the desert

Provide :     

  • ⇒ Swimsuit     
  • ⇒ Towel     
  • ⇒ Sunscreen     
  • ⇒ Pocket money if you want to taste grilled fish


5 € / person

Excursion 2 hours, 30 minutes drive

Come enjoy a guided tour of the botanical garden of the cooperative, followed by explanations on the manufacture of Argan oil. You will be able to taste the specialties and finish your visit by the shop where you will be able to find superb products and souvenirs.

Program :     

  • ⇒ Departure from the riad after the surfing day     
  • ⇒ Visit of the botanical garden     
  • ⇒ Return to the riad

Provide :     

  • ⇒ Pocket money for souvenirs
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  • ⇒ Quad 1h 25€
  • ⇒ Buggy 1h 30€
  • ⇒ Horse riding 1h 15€
  • ⇒ Camel 1h 15€

Beach, forest mountain or sunset.

  • ⇒ Jet-Ski
  • ⇒ Kayak
  • ⇒ Towed buoy
  • ⇒ Yoga 10€/person group lesson
  • ⇒ Hammam + scrub 20 €
  • ⇒ Hammam + 1h massage 40 €
  • ⇒ Massage 4 hands, slimming, toning, berber, hot stones, etc …
  • Between 25 and 50 € / 1h
  • ⇒ Manicure / Pedicure from 5 to 20 €
  • ⇒ Waxing from 5 to 20 €