We offer surf lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced provided by a qualified and experienced instructor.

We will be happy to share our passion surf with you.

Our surf school welcomes you from October to March.

The groups are organized by level and consist of maximum 8 students, which allows the monitor to be able to devote time to each one in order to optimize your progression.

The sessions last 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Depending on weather conditions, sessions may be shorter or longer.

It is possible to take surf lessons in French, English, German or Arabic.

Adrenalin Surf Maroc has its own equipment and offers surfboards and wetsuits Ripcurl in excellent condition, good quality and for all sizes.

For beginners we have foam boards Olaian adapting to all sizes, for intermediates and confirmed we will also offer rigid boards epoxy or resin (Torq, Firewire, Lost,…).


We offer our equipment for hire, various surfboards in excellent condition for all levels.

 For the price contact us.

For people who have chosen the Adrenalin Surf Guiding Packs who do not wish to bring their own equipment, we offer a formule at 80 € / week for the provision of equipment (board and / or wetsuit).